Simeis 147


Simeis 147 is a supernova remanent I wanted to image since a few years. But this beautiful nebula is is a very large object, more than 6x the full moon. So I had to wait for the right telescope. I found the Takahashi FS60 and so I can show you Simeis 147 (or SH2-240) today.

Imaged in with the Moravian G2-8300 at my Takahashi FS 60 @ f=264mm with the original reducer. L:R:G:B:HA:OIII=120:60:60:60:710:480 minutes. Subexposures were 5 minutes for all LRGB, 10 minutes for HA and 30 minutes for OIII. Total exposure time was 25 hours.

Enjoy Simeis 147