From North America to Pelican


this is the area from NGC7000, the North America Nebula, to IC5070, the Pelican Nebula.

This is the first image with my Takahashi FS 60, which I bought in November last year. So you can imagine the time for setup with electric focuser and adapter from the telescope to the camera.

Imaged in with the Moravian G2-8300 at my Takahashi FS 60 @ f=264mm with the original reducer. L:R:G:B:HA:OIII=200:72:72:72:360:360minutes. Subexposures were 30 minutes for HA, OIII and 2 minutes for LRGB. Total exposure time was 19 hours.



Replaced RGB by new frames, each channel focused seperately, to improve the stars and remove the blue halos. Added 100 x 2 minutes of HA to improve the details in HA.


Here you can see how many layers I use in Photoshop to get this result: